Product User Guides & Information:

  • Honeywell Alarm Panels
- Lynx 5100 Alarm Panel
* Quick Reference Guide
* User Manual
- Lynx 5200 Alarm Panel
* Quick Reference Guide
* User Manual
- Lynx 7000 Alarm Panel
* User Manual

  • Total Connect Services
- Total Connect Services Basic User Guide

  • Personal Emergency Response Systems
- Numera Libris Overview
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Current Customers
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We would like to thank all of our current customers for choosing Cayer Security to protect your homes, businesses, banks, and credit unions. As a locally owned, small family business, your support means the world to us! Please feel free to contact us at the office with any questions or concerns regarding your security equipment or monitoring account.

We highly recommend that customers who have monitoring accounts with us save the phone number for the central station, so that if you need to quickly cancel an alarm, you always have that number handy. The phone number for the central station is 1-800-639-4068. If you call, the dispatcher will ask you for information to look up your account. If you do not know your account number, you can give them the address of the property and your name. You will also be asked for a passcode, which was setup with your initial installation. If you do not remember your passcode, please contact us at the office and we can assist you. If you need to add or remove authorized contacts from your alarm monitoring account, please contact us and we can help you with that as well.

We also would like to provide a list of User Manuals for the different products that we sell and service for your convenience. If you don't know which alarm panel you have, feel free to contact us at the office and we can let you know.

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